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Varaždin County - lead beneficiary

Varaždin County is one of the counties in the Republic of Croatia located in the northern part of Croatia. It covers an area of ​​1228 square kilometers between the Drava River in the north, the mountains in the west, east and southeast and is one of the smaller, but also the most densely populated Croatian counties. A total of 166,000 inhabitants live in this area of ​​6 cities and 22 municipalities. The seat of the County is Varaždin, a city with 46,946 inhabitants.

Varaždin County is often said to represent the northern gate of Croatia where some of the most important traffic routes intersect. In such a small area there are numerous natural and cultural attractions such as fossil volcanoes, caves, semi-precious stones, forests and nature parks, old castles and forts, thermal springs and preserved traditions of living.


Csurgó is a town in Somogy county, Hungary and the seat of Csurgó District. About 5000 inhabitants live in this town. The first written town document dates back to 1019 in which King Saint Steven of Hungary, in the Abbey’s establishment charter in Zalavar, mentions the town of Csurgo which needed to give its annual revenue to the abbot.

Csurgó has a significant role in the economy of the county. Besides the town, along with the surrounding region, is rich with natural and architectural landmarks and a rich cultural heritage.

University Pannonia Nagykanizsa-University Center For Circular Economy

University Pannonia Nagykanizsa-University Center For Circular Economy is an integral part of the University of Pannonia. The institution’s beginning in 2000. It is an important intellectual center in the region of Pannonia.

Currently it offers 3 higher education vocational training programs, 5 bachelor programs, 2 masters programs and 2 postgraduate programs. The main focus is on tourism, computer science and water treatment. Since its 20 years of existence the Campus has been engaged in numerous scientific activities in these areas.

Varaždin County Tourist Board

The Varaždin County Tourist Board is a public non-profit organization established as a regional tourist board based on the Law on Tourist Boards and the Promotion of Croatian Tourism, whose members are local tourist boards established in 6 cities and 2 tourist municipalities. The main goals of the tourist board are the development and marketing of the destination, the creation of internationally competitive tourist products, improving the conditions for tourists in the destination, and developing awareness of the importance of economic, social and other effects of tourism and the need to preserve the environment, natural and cultural heritage in accordance with sustainable tourism development.