Final activities of the Varaždin County Tourist Board on the [email protected] project

OBJAVLJENO 31.5.2023.  |  AUTOR: Marko Cmrečak - TZ

On Saturday, 27.5.2023. at 9:00 p.m. in prime time and on Sunday, May 28, 2023. at 12:30 in the rerun time slot of the VTV television program, the third TV report on the project Active Tourism meets Advanced Technology in Cross-Border Area was broadcast. The attachment summarizes the activities that the Tourist Board of Varaždin County carried out independently as a partner and that it carried out with the leading partner Varaždin County from the Croatian side, as well as the University of Panonija, Nagykanizsa campus and the city of Csurgóm.

Final activities of the Varaždin County Tourist Board on the AT@AT.CB project

3. TV prilog - Završne aktivnosti TZŽ Varaždinske na projektu [email protected] |

One of the activities presented in the attachment was an international conference held in Varaždin on the topic "Modern IT technologies and their applications in tourism". As part of the project, the Varaždin County Tourist Board organized a seminar on "Drones as a marketing tool for tourism promotion". Through examples of good practice of cooperation between an educational institution and the tourist community, the seminar emphasized the possibility of connecting digital technologies and tourism, and it is drones that offer a different view of a particular location. An additional value of the project is certainly the newly renovated basement of the County Palace, where the Visitor Center was opened, which was also discussed in the TV report. As part of the project, an application for smartphones was created, which is presented in the report.