The third partnership meeting in the project covered a number of topics and challenges in the implementation of the project

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The third partnership meeting organized by Varaždin County in the project Active Tourism Meets Advanced Technology in Cross-Border Area - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., was held on Thursday, August 26, from 9 am to 10 am online, via the Zoom platform.

The third partnership meeting in the project covered a number of topics and challenges in the implementation of the project

Representatives of the project teams of the partners - Varaždin County, Varaždin County Tourist Board, Municipality Csurgó and University Pannonia - gathered, and a simultaneous translation from Hungarian into Croatian and vice versa was provided at the meeting.

Numerous topics were discussed - works on the establishment of visitor centers in Csurgó and Varaždin, on submitted and future reports on the progress of the project, tourist attraction / application to be developed within the project, communication strategy…

Maja Zuber, on behalf of the lead partner, Varaždin County, chaired the meeting and briefed the partners on the progress of the project. She announced the forthcoming public procurement of works on the (re) construction of the basement of the County Palace, which will become a center for visitors, a possible change of IT equipment and presented the problems that arose with the procurement of equipment and software that will "drive" hardware. She also reminded the partners to urgently send photos taken in the project area in Hungary, which will be used in the promotional materials of the project, and stressed that the leaflet will be ready upon receipt of the photos and sent to everyone for review.

Nikolett Simon said on behalf of the Hungarian partners that Csurgó is about to finalize the IT equipment that will be incorporated into the new center, followed by the announcement of procurement for equipment and works. Pannonia University is also in the phase of defining the IT equipment needed to carry out project activities.

Romana Pomper, on behalf of the Varaždin County Tourist Board, emphasized that the communication strategy was made and reminded the partners to place all documents in a common repository, where the strategy is also stored. She also pointed out that the Tourist Board will soon create a database of owners / managers of heritage in the project area and asked the project partners to carefully review it when it is finished. It was also agreed that the Tourist Board will actively cooperate with Csurgó in the coming weeks on the procurement of experts for the implementation of workshops in the project area. The topic of making TV reports was also updated, considering that the Tourist Board and the County have announced a procurement, so the content will be harmonized.

The next meeting organized by Csurgó in October has also been announced, where points of interest will be defined that will be included in the application.